Pricing out live entertainment can be daunting, so we are here to help!  Please browse the below to come up with ideas, then contact us (see below) to work though the details. We will call you back to answer questions, and will then provide a written quote. When all details are finalized, we provide a contract that details out what services we will provide.

To get you an accurate price, we will need to know:

  • The exact date and time of the event, including load-in time and how much time we have to tear down
  • How long you would like us to play
  • Any venue specific needs, like audio, lights and/or stage
  • Any other special requests from below


Special requests:

These are all items that can make an event flow better, or feel more special for the guests. We thrive on special requests, so please ask!

Extra sets:

Typical event pricing is based on three sets. You can add or subtract sets, with each set equaling about one hour of entertainment, 45-50 minutes of live play with 10-15 minutes of recorded sound.

Recorded sound at pre or post event:

We are able to provide recorded MP3 tracks before or after our live play sessions. We will typically pick appropriate songs based on our set list choices for the day. If you would like a certain style of music (i.e. Beach music, Funk, etc…), please provide the exact song names so we can make sure to provide what you expect.

Sound system (PA):

There are a lot of options here. We can provide a small setup for an indoor venue, or a large setup that can peel paint at 100 yards, depending on your desires.  Our typical setup is great for indoor or patio venues, in the 50-200 guest range.  For larger venues we will augment with side fills, secondary banks of speakers time-aligned with the mains, or with just a bigger stage setup. We can field over ten kilowatts of thumping power from our band systems, or help with rentals if you are trying to fill the entire back 40 with sound.

Note on sound levels- We set our volume where you want it. Sound meters are used at all events to calibrate the system to the venue, and to help set expectations.  Tell us what sounds good to you, and we’ll maintain that level all night. Please never be reluctant to tell us to turn down or turn up. We are there to provide entertainment, and if the sound is not right, we are not happy.

Sound system details page


Live mic for general announcing:

Included if we are providing a sound system. Check with the venue first if you are using their sound system.

Lights, smoke and other effects:

We have several light systems and trusses that we can bring, from typical can lights to cutting edge LED banks, Lasers and strobes. We can also provide fog machines. Our lighting and effect gear is structured for stage use, and is not appropriate for use where the public might trip on the cords. If you need effects for non-band areas, please contact us for ideas on rental companies.


Special themes or costumes:

We like to dress up and can can match your theme, but that usually involves covering the cost to the band for any clothing items we must purchase for your event. We love Halloween parties, or other excuses to dress up, so please contact us with your ideas. (Captain Jack Sparrow costume is always available though, no charge!)


Early load in or late load out times:

Asking us to load in more than two hours early, or to load out long after we are done playing will incur an extra cost, as we need to cover the extra time for our crew. We typically load in 1.5 to two hours early, and complete our sound check one hour prior to the start of the live music, then remain off-stage until showtime. Sometimes the flow of activities does not allow load in or load out at those times, so please contact us with your needs and we’ll make it work.

Meals and Environmental:

Meals are not required for band members at events, but are certainly appreciated. Some venues prohibit us from bringing our own food on site too. The band will need a 30 minute meal break, if we play more than four-five hours in a row.

The band will usually need a covered area for our performance. That is to help protect our gear and performers from the sun and potential rain. It’s no fun trying to get thousands of dollars of gear under cover due to a squall coming though. Special circumstances may allow us to perform under the open sky, so please contact us if coverage will be a concern. The band may bring fans, if it is expected to be above 80 degrees.

The band is very appreciative of a “Green Room”, which is a room set aside for the band to take breaks in, and to eat or relax in pre-performance. If such an area is not available, please specify where you would like us to be when we are not on stage.

The power needs of the band can usually be satisfied with two standard 15 amp circuits. A small, quiet generator may be used for outdoor events where there is just not enough power nearby. If the power is not available adjacent to the stage area, please let us know ahead of time.


Payment options:

Your date is not held for you until a deposit (typically $100) is received by the band accountant. The remaining funds are due via check or cash on the day of the performance. Checks may be made out to Raised in a Barn Band.

Change and cancellation details are spelled out in the contract, but in general the deposit will not be refunded within six weeks of the event, even if the event is canceled. Changes may be allowed if the band is available on the new date.


Final notes:

When you hire the RiaB Band, we put your entertainment needs first. No egos, no attitude, no drugs. We are here to play great music and be entertaining for your audience, and I sincerely hope I get to share our performance with you at your event.


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